M O V E (ing): at the beginning of 2016, instead of having a new year resolution, I chose a word that I wanted to live out. Rather, I feel like God gave me this word – MOVE. It encompassed everything that I was striving for. Instead of procrastinating, I wanted to be proactive and MOVE to get things done, I reconnected with dance again and started MOVING my body in ways that I had not done in years, I did not want to be complacent in my faith, but rather wanted my relationship with God to continue to MOVE, and lastly, I was preparing to MOVE across the world to Australia to pursue what the Lord spoke to me. This is why I named my blog M O V E (ing), to not only share how the Lord has fulfilled His promises to me in living out my word of the year, but also how it will continue (ING) to be fulfilled. I am still growing. I am still learning. I am still moving.

Welcome to my life in Australia as I staff at ywam Perth.

Ness xo